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About the Greater BucksMont Chamber of Commerce

Like many of our community organizations, the Greater BucksMont Chamber of Commerce (GBMCC) (formerly GWCC) was established in 1963 by a committed group of business professionals and individuals in response to the pressing need to create an organization that would respond to the various needs of the growing business community. The Chamber has become a vehicle that serves as our voice before government entities, provides strong advocacy for services and develops policies that will stimulate economic growth through business development within our communities.

Many of our prominent business and community leaders have served and supported the GBMCC through participation on our Board of Directors or as active members of the organization.

Our diversified membership represents a growing list of private and public institutions interested in providing services to our community. We continue to encourage and facilitate business relationships among the members by providing opportunities to exchange information, ideas as well as business opportunities.

The future of the Greater BucksMont region and our communities will depend on our ability to increase available opportunities within our growing markets and our disposition to foster prosperity, economic growth and job creation that would support families. At GBMCC, we encourage you to join us and support this most important endeavor.

To develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial environment in which our members conduct their various enterprises. United In Business & Industry.

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